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    Company News

        Monitor the matrix market development status quo in 2012

            Speaking matrix, may learn linear algebra friends there will not be a strange feeling. Familiar with the discipline of my friends know, the role of the matrix is ??more simple and handy monitoring matrix - Mathematics under the guidance of the monitoring technology, according to some order. Monitoring system using mathematical term performance, mainly refers to the case of the multi-channel input, the choice can be very efficient formation of multi-channel output, input signals connected to each output can be connected to any one, but the output signals can only be connected to a signal input, thereby forming a similar mathematical processing of the matrix pattern.

        The analog matrix about to be swallowed?

        Common conference room, we can, for example, many meeting rooms, we will be faced with a situation that is the input device has a very rich port, such as a camera, DVR, VCR, laptop computers, and so on, these are intake of signal input terminal. For display device, the conference room in the general case may be slightly nervous. The role of the matrix will then get a good show, and the video signal will be required according to the needs of users, it can be sent to any display on the terminal, and the flexibility to adjust the display order of the audio and video, whether to wait all the way. Played the role of a guidance and distribution.

        In addition to the above mentioned signal switching, character overlay decoder interface to control the PTZ camera lens movement, alarm interface, preset alarm point alarm, via RS-232 serial communication with PC and control audio box for video and audio monitoring services are also monitoring matrix. It can be said, it is a simple central video management system.

        Analog matrix about to be swallowed by the tide of innovation?

        Since the advent of the first matrix switcher, monitoring matrix "marriage" has been not been broken, and now has 30 years of history almost. But now, with the "Get the lead out," the fact that more than monitoring matrix after the "hard work" almost "a lifetime", but also facing the embarrassing situation of being abandoned. This is why?

        With recent technology continues to improve security equipment, security monitoring by the responsibilities increasingly important. Digitized network security monitoring development irreversible trend. Especially with the advent of DVR, NVR video management and storage devices, the the work traditional single processing capacity matrix model is suffering from hard-to-hide squeeze. In general, monitoring the drawbacks of the matrix is ??mainly reflected in the following aspects:

        Limitations of the monitoring range: Monitoring Matrix history, due to the initial security monitoring span needs not much, did not like this big field application of habits. Therefore, the use of monitoring matrix environment is also more limited area of ??the small and medium-sized environment. Even today is no longer a problem, the city-level monitoring, for matrix work performance and transmission equipment, has also been to difficult before expanding the limit.

        Expansion of the capacity of a single: in the current security monitoring system, by the complexity of the control environment to expand a small test equipment. For matrix for the core mode fixed that compatibilizer for it is almost a thing difficult to complete. For now changing monitoring needs, it is clear that this unbearable fact.

        In addition, the upgrade ability, the adaptability of the analog matrix is ??almost zero, which undoubtedly further accelerate the rejection of the era of the analog matrix.

        For DVR, almost overwhelmed: in ten or twenty years ago, the analog control matrix may be absolutely mainstream in the monitoring system. However, with the development of the monitoring technology straight up style, with the special nature of the surveillance industry as well as to the applicability of the requirements to further enhance. The market had already turned to follow the pace of the times DVR equipment for analog monitor matrix, I am afraid it is only shrunk sigh.

        The digital matrix can be achieved back to the top?

        In recent years, with the development of digital video compression technology, digital products have begun to test the water area of ??video surveillance, and also achieved a lot of success. Digital matrix device at this time also broke into the field of view of the user. Initially, many people expect the full digital matrix. After all, using technology as relying on heavy flashy digital matrix has also become a lot of people look forward to the most current occasion.

        Analog matrix, digital matrix is ??mainly constituted by the video encoding and decoding equipment and management software platform, packet switching network for switching between video switching platform, the input video and output video. In fact, more exact, more like a digital matrix compared to traditional analog matrix, it touches composed by the camera, codec equipment, management platform and transmission equipment, digital monitoring system. Function, increased expansion capacity, configuration flexibility, and distributed work in progress. Obviously, people have been aware of the many problems of the traditional analog matrix, and has to make a huge change.

        However, due to the preceding video camera defects, and compression coding of compatibility is low, the equipment cost is too high, pure digital applications still very immature other reasons, digital matrix and did not wait for the summer. Initial expectations of the people once again poured cold water on.

        Monitoring Matrix go from here?

        The face of the precarious fate of monitoring matrix really hopeless. I believe that the decline of the matrix or an era abandoned. Therefore, in order to grasp their own destiny, the matrix is ??necessary to keep up the pace with the times.

        High-definition, real-time

        For video surveillance. The clarity of the image is the top priority of everyone's attention. The sharper the image, the more remarkable detail, color realism, the more we can get everyone's approval. Therefore, clarity is always the pursuit of video surveillance.

        In addition, real-time digital matrix is ??the development of a bumpy, due to the number of frames per second of processing, so the resulting delay relative to other more serious equipment screen and when more data content for some time, the delay is more serious. This is clearly a challenge to the people's patience.

        Therefore, in order to achieve the matrix the technical breakthroughs around high-definition and real-time improvements are very necessary. Today, many vendors in the trial without delay, high-quality information exchange, and also made a lot of achievements. The better these technologies continues to improve, it is an important way to extend the matrix vitality.

        Integrated, intelligent

        With the current security monitoring market continues to expand, the broader coverage of the monitoring requirements have become the main trend in video surveillance. Therefore, the the separate processing capabilities, compatibility, integration capabilities are very important. This is also the most traditional analog matrix lack one of the links.

        In addition, as one of the three major trends in the development of the current security monitoring, intelligence can be said is best able to bring the equipment vitality of important technologies. Especially with the expanding range of monitoring, integration has been increasing. In the case of personal power is more and more difficult to complete the entire work, intelligence is an important force for efficient work. Which is one of the monitoring matrix few straw.

        It can be said that the current matrix is ??at a crossroads, but by no means is the decline of the junction. As a veteran of the monitoring and management technology, to achieve self-redemption, technological innovation is essential. Only follow constantly updated technology, continue to cater to the higher applications taste. Matrix was not in time and time again the impact of the technology tide, the relegation of the seabed.
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      Down:Matrix switcher from buttons to touch screen control is the inevitable trend of
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