圣 意 五 金
About US

DongguanShengYi Hardware Co., Ltd, passed the ISO9001: 2000 international qualitymanagement certification ROSH. Our main product are machining parts and magnetproducts, Currently, 90% of our products are been exported to European,American, Asian and other international markets, Our goods are also widely used in Machinery, Audio/Video and Communication Equipment, Medical Device, Office Automation, Magnetic Separator, etc.

ShengYi hasthe power to production and design independently. We can undertake machiningparts and magnet based on drafts and samples in high accuracy and efficiency.The advanced science ,the professional technicians, the fine manufacturingequipment and the efficient quality control system make ShengYi the excellentmodern corporation.

We take pride in working closely with our customers to understand   theirexpectations and make sure we meet and exceed them. Our goal is to supply ourcustomers with the highest quality, the best service and the most excellenttechnical support.

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